Sunday, October 31, 2010

Week 8: Lions 37, Redskins 25: Knee Jerk Reactions

Football's regular season is at the halfway point! The hair pulling, TV-screaming, remote control throwing and furious cigarette smoking are in full swing. Before I let rationality cloud my judgment, here are my knee-jerk reactions from the eighth game of the season:

This one was depressing all the way through, the only exciting parts were the kick and punt returns by either team. This one is also costly in a season where we will need to scratch and claw our way to 9-7.

  • Brandon Banks put on the best return show I have ever watched. They should name the NFC special teams player of the week award after him. I don't think anyone would mind, although maybe someone like Morten Anderson would be furious.
  • Brandon Banks not doing the John Wall dance on the TD that was called back was a crushing blow for me, but watching the wee man squeak a 'dunk' over the goalpost was a solid consolation prize. Then of course my man came through with the John Wall on the TD that counted. 
  • In the competition for my favorite Redskin there is Brandon Banks, and then there is everyone else.
  • What do you think the score would have been if Banks and Stefan Logan had average days? 3-0?
  • Brandon Banks is going to have a costly fumble at some point.
  • Joey Galloway provides absolutely nothing. I still can't believe Devin Thomas in the exact same role couldn't replicate that production.
  • D******* Hall earned my praise last week, but had what can almost be called a typical game for him. Sure he got on Sportscenter with the endzone interception, but Football Outsiders game tracking (heard this and can't find the numbers now) as the CB with the most passes completed against, and the lowest success rate of stopping passes thrown at him. Basically teams are throwing at Hall more often and with more success than any other CB in the league.
  • I am dead serious when I ask why not try him at WR?
  • Keiland Williams...not bad
  • The O-line looked awful. Rabach is finished, but we also need to get at least 1 young good guard in the offseason. Torain getting 10 yards on 9 carries is all you need to know.
  • For all of you who want Sexy Rexy to play, and yes, there are many of these people now....well, be careful what you wish for. McNabb's greatest strength this year, in my opinion, has been that he avoids fumbling the ball away despite facing plenty of pressure.
  • I hate McNabb, but benching him during what is now a standard mediocre performance to put on the ice cold Sexy Rexy for the crucial drive is nuts.
  • My favorite graphic of the day was Fox showing McNabb's game-by-game QB ratings and saying he's been up and down.......ehhhh a 75 rating is not 'up'.
  • With today being what is now a normal day for D-Mac, and although I've heard Grossman looks great in practice, let's not forget Sexy Rexy's career QB rating is under 70.
  • Jason Campbell had another good game for a Raiders team that now has the same record as the Skins.
  • Fat Albert looked like an older Ndama%^&(* Suh.
  • 37 points to the Lions?!?
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