Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quietly.......The Caps are The Best Team in NHL......Again

Didn't it seem like the Caps started the season with a hangover from the thing I will not mention? That thing is hanging over this year's team and has somehow put a clock on a young team's window of opportunity.

Close games, not completely obliterating the league in historic fashion, have this underachieving team in 1st the entire NHL. That's right.

Forget Lebron, last year, we were witnesses. This year hasn't brought the same awesome spectacle....yet, but this team is picking up steam. Don't forget that the Caps didn't lost any key guys from last year, and the majority of the team is at the age when they are improving - the opposite of the Redskins.

The understated excitement for this team probably has a lot to do with the expectation that the Caps will have a high seed in the playoffs, and very little matters until the Spring when past demons could derail this regular season juggernaut. Let's worry about that then, in the meantime, enjoy the ride.

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  1. And two 5 to nothing shutouts in 3 games later...
    Is it just me or does Ovie not look like his old explosive self this year? I've seen almost every game a day delayed (a bright piece of home for me out here in Oslo) and instead of him slicing open defenses, taking shots, and being generally disruptive, Ovie seems not quite as fast, taking bad shots from 50ft away and just not as threatening.
    I know we have a great record and I don't wanna be a naysayer here, it just seems like Gr8 isn't being as dominant as I'd hope. Maybe I just hold to too high standards, but Crosby shouldn't have 50% more goals than our stud


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