Monday, November 15, 2010

Week 10: Eagles 59, Redskins 28: Knee Jerk Reactions

Football's regular season is past the halfway point! The hair pulling, TV-screaming, remote control throwing and furious cigarette smoking have aged me about 9 years in these 9 games. Before I let rationality cloud my judgment, here are my knee-jerk reactions from the ninth game of the season:


The McNabb contract made me the opposite of speechless, and that game was beyond words.

 I wish I blacked out today. I will post more extensively on the horror that is the McNabb contract, but combining that 'thing' with the loss that puts us a longshot for the playoffs is a lot for one fan in one day. I know it was defensive issues that doomed this team tonight, but re-signing McNabb is basically committing to more of the same.

  •  Hey we held them under 600 yards. We can build on this!
  • Through 3 quarters, Philly averaged 10.2 yards per play.
  • What happened to the idea that good coaches thrive after a bye week?
  • I couldn't wait to hear Matt Millen's take on the McNabb contract. I was giddy.
  • 4-5 is one thing, another is that the Eagles and Giants are looking pretty good, and we likely will have to catch at least one of them to get in the playoffs.
  • McNabb through 3 quarters, 75.2 qb rating. Nothing is changing. For 3 more years.
  • Jerome Harrison was practically given away by Cleveland and is probably better than any RB on our roster.
  • Is it beating a dead horse bringing up the Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly vs. DeSean Jackson point, right? 
  • I came up with a positive though for not drafting DeSean Jackson.Stay with me......we didn't draft him because we had Santana Moss, and didn't want 2 players with identical skill sets. Well, we likely wouldn't have given Brandon Banks a shot if Jackson was on the roster, and Banks is just about all that brings me Redskin joy these days. No counter-arguments please.
  • I don't recall seeing FedEx that empty for a regular season game at any point.
  • I guess the bright side is that the Eagles may be much better than most realize, they were Football Outsiders' #2 team coming into this week. They will be #1 for next week.
  • The Skins were FO's #22 team. We will drop.
  • To reiterate, the story is not just the Skins sucking, but the Eagles joining the Giants as too good for the Skins to past. We aren't making the playoffs.
  • I guess Orakpo could've gotten hurt, so it could have been a worse day.
  • Hey, Todd McShay's 1st mock draft is out! Offseason champions! Where's Herm Edwards?!? We can build on this!
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  1. Don't get too outraged over the contract - it's neither all that guaranteed nor is it all that long-term unless the Skins want it to be. From Sports Illustrated:
    McNabb's agent, Fletcher Smith, clarified some of the details of McNabb's deal Tuesday. He says while the contract is worded so that it has "$40 million in guarantees," the Redskins do have an option to cut McNabb at the end of the season with no further money due.

    McNabb has been given $3.5 million this year as part of the new contract, but the rest of the five-year, $78 million package would come to naught if the team decides to cut ties.

    Whether or not the Skins go off the rails on this at the end of the year, well, only The Flying Spaghetti Monster knows....

  2. I will have a more in-depth post up as soon as tomorrow night. Glad I waited until the details came out though.

  3. Players drafter after Devin Thomas that we could use on our roster:
    -Brandon Flowers
    -Chilo Rachal
    -Tracy Porter
    -Eddie Royal
    -Matt Forte
    (now after Fred Davis)
    -DeSean Jackson
    (now Malcolm Kelly)
    -Ray Rice

    Sure hindsight is 20/20, but the Redskins are either a team that either has absolutely no ability to scout talent or it is simply an organization where talent goes to die. I'm unfortunately inclined to go with both.

  4. I completely agree that many people overlook the talent development aspect. It is not just who you draft, but how you coach them up.

    To your list, the Skins clearly wanted pass catchers, so that is why the DeSean Jackson thing hurts. Jordy Nelson was the other guy we looked at. To think we took 2 out of a possible maybe 4 guys (putting Davis aside as he is a TE) and somehow got the worst 2 is rough.

    Random rant: I hate when people make draft hindsight lists that throw success stories from many rounds after a team drafted a failed player (ie a Redskins high pick busted the same year we could have drafted Tom Brady). So thank you for keeping this to players in the 2nd round who were reasonable alternatives.


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