Monday, January 24, 2011

Todd McShay's Mock Shows Redskins Fans No Mercy

Here we go again with Todd McShay's latest (first?) mock draft. This has been out a few days, but I just found it:

Cam Newton, QB, Auburn
This is another reach for a quarterback, but the Redskins have parted ways with Donovan McNabb, and Rex Grossman is clearly not the answer. There's no doubt Newton has the physical tools, and coach Mike Shanahan and his staff believe in their ability to develop quarterbacks, but he's still a long-term project as a pro-style passer.

Stop, it hurts.

When has a developmental QB actually developed? Tony Romo is the only guy I can think of.......At least Newton isn't Jake Locker. I made my thoughts on the Heisman winner at #10 clear already, so won't rant endlessly. To be clear, I support keeping Sexy Rexy for at least another year while we build the offensive line and other parts of the team.

The other train wreck we all can see coming stems from Carson Palmer demanding a trade. I guess the Skins constitute an upgrade over the Bengals at this point given we had a better record last year, but Carson is finished. If one good thing comes of the McNabb trade maybe it will be that we don't trade for Carson Palmer.Someone needs to step in and stop the madness, so consider this my application for the Redskins common sense/voice of the fan. Here's an opening letter:

Dear Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder,

I can give you extensive notes on an offseason plan, but here are some basics:

-Don't draft a QB at #10
-Don't trade for Carson Palmer.
-Try to trade down and draft one of the 3 best interior linemen available (Pouncey, Hudson, or Wisniewski)
-Also stop, just stop

Yours truly,

Disgruntled Redskins Fan

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  1. I have to question Todd McShay's commitment in knowing college QBs and where they might be drafted.

  2. I have to question Todd McShay's commitment in knowing college QBs and where they might be drafted.

  3. And there's also been a rumor of a trade w/ the Titans: Haynesworth for Vince Young.

    Oh boy!!! Just what we need.

  4. I truly agree no QB'S we need young strong quick lineman on both sides

  5. The good news is that these mock drafts are not taking into account any interest a team has shown in a specific player - this is just based on need and past actions.

    So maybe the Skins are smarter than this....or maybe we also should consider past actions....

  6. I actually would go for the VY-Fat Al trade, at least we'd get something for the guy. At this point we'd be lucky to get anything, anyone who thinks we'd get a draft pick for him with that contract is dreaming.

    Also, prediction for the draft, Newton drops to end of 2nd round, take it to the bank


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