Wednesday, June 10, 2009

2 Games, No Cups

Tuesday night the mini-Caps and the anti-Pens had a chance to deliver a double dose of semi-awesome by winning the Calder Cup and Stanley Cup, respectively. But the Caps' AHL affiliate Bears, stacked with prospects aplenty, failed to close the deal and head back to Manitoba (the beluga capital of the world!) up 3-2 in their series.

Meanwhile right down I-76, the Red Wings blew their chance to rub the Stanley Cup in Pittsburgh's fat stupid faces. It's too bad for Pittsburgh fans, because the sting of watching Marian Hossa hoist the Cup after his offseason Pittsburgh bitchslap would have helped them forget about the sting of their chlamydia for a few brief moments. There's always antibiotics I guess.

So your vicarious and schadenfreude hockey dreams will have to wait another day friends. In the meantime, might I suggest furious masturbation?

Both series' resume play Friday. Wings-Pens Game 7 is can't miss.

[Image via The Patriot News]

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