Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Furburgers!

What a boring week. Nats demonstrate consistency throughout all levels of organization, fail in attempt to can manager who has done nothing but lead team to...failure. Skinnies cut ties with Thrash, reaction greeted with vehement head shrugs at Philbin's Family Fitness & Athletic Training Center. The Obnoxious Caracasana returns to CP, O's do so-so, Ovie remains the best, and if we draft Ricky 'Menduo' Rubio as speculated we will earn the title as 'City with the Most Sideshows' (see Areanas, G., Portis, C., Dukes, E., Ovechkin, A., Sideshow, B.).

Two Capitals Prospects in The Hockey News Top 10

My Favorite Comic Destroying My Least Favorite Person, On His Own Show

Andy Katz Pre-season College Bball Rankings: MD #17, GTOWN #18

Heart Warming Article About Skins DT Antonio Dixon

Top 10 Washington, D.C. Based Fugitives

D. Baez and N. Johnson Might Be Gone At Trading Deadline

[Image via Real Clear Sports]

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  1. And just received this from a friend on Fred Smoot's professional bowling career:

    "They're right: I won't average 150, 'cause I'll be in the 200s."


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