Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Furburgers: The Apocalypse is Upon Us

Dogs and cats living together! Hamburgers eating people! $8 gallons of milk! Vinny Cerrato making a smart personnel move! That's right, today is the end of days.

Because yesterday the four horsemen rode through town and announced that Vinny Cerrato had snagged another young stud defensive end in the supplemental draft, Jeremy Jarmon. It cost a 3rd round pick in the '10 draft, when Jarmon likely would have gone in the 2nd if not higher. In other words, Vinny got what is known as "good value" in a transaction, instead of creamed.

A few years back, the 'Skins missed the opportunity to solve their impending RT disaster when they passed on OT Jared Gaither in the supplemental (5th round). There were character issues with Gaither, who'd failed out of school. Fine. But now he's a starter for the Ravens, and the 'Skins are lining up scrubs to play RT. This year, Jeremy Jarmon was made available when he lost his NCAA eligibility after testing positive for a banned over-the-counter weight loss supplement. When you have a chance to snag a talented young player on the cheap, you do it.

There are those critical of the move because "a third round pick for anyone in the supplemental draft is a little high." And a pessimist might look at recent DE moves (Jason Taylor, Erasmus James) and expect failure. After all, the Redskins haven't had much success developing DEs. Ever. Kenard Lang is probably the best in-house developed DE of the last 15 years.

But Jarmon has a motor, the work ethic, and certainly the pedigree to make it. Most importantly, perhaps, his legs are younger than 35 years old. At 6-3, 278 pounds, the former All-SEC end is worth a look at least. Hey, better than keeping the pick next year and having Vinny be tempted by a punter or another pass-catching tight end.


Without further ado, and after a two week hiatus, your Friday Furburgers. Links from the past week (or two), for the weekend:

Obligatory video of newest draft pick sacking a QB. He doesn't beat his guy clean, but he doesn't give up on the play either.

Jarmon's statline last season: 38 tackes, 9 tackles for a loss, 4.5 sacks, 4 hurries, 2 forced fumbles, 6 passes broken up (12 games).
University of Kentucky

Jarmon runs the 40 in the 4.7-4.8 range and has a 31" vertical.

Matt Mosley posts a blog entry while drunk, declaring Devin Thomas the 'Skins' '09 breakout player. A coach has been "whispering" to him about this, apparently. I've been trying to get my girlfriend to whisper sweet nothings in my ear about Redskins wideouts for years. NFC East Blog

Adam Jones hit the game-winning RBI during the All-Star game. Probably because he can hit all pitch types with equal awesome (check bottom right sidebar).
BBTN Clubhouse July 9th

Maryland basketball fans are the ACC's "most irritating (and occasionally tasteless)." Better than "bandwagonning" or "nonexistent", which are the usual descriptors used for local fans. Progress people.
Pat Forde

Terps football: near unanimously expected to finish dead last in the ACC Atlantic.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Alex Ovechkin is the 3rd most exciting hockey player ever, and you and I are of the "it's-free-it's-me YouTube generation." I think I like that.
Michael Farber

There's been so much phenomenal blog coverage of the Caps' Summer Development camp scattered around the interwebz. Japers put all the Tweets into one widget feed (there's a sentence I couldn't have said a year ago), and from there you can find it all.
Japers Rink

As predicted, D John Carlson ('08 1st round pick) has been dominating the camp (video).
Capitals Insider

To catch you up: the Caps have now re-signed all the RFAs they were expected to (except for Jurcina whose contract will be decided in arbitration at the end of July): C Boyd Gordon, RW Eric Fehr, D Jeff Schultz, D Shaone Morissonn. They have $1.5 million in cap space and 8 NHL defensemen including Jurcina under contract for this season. Someone's gonna go.
Japers' Unofficial Salary Cap Info Tracker

Caps clear out some organizational depth, sending D prospect Keith Seabrook to the Calgary Flames for "future considerations."

I just hope for Gilbert's sake that Obama doesn't butt-sweat like I do.
DC Sports Bog

Random facts, which is a great way to kill time and break up a boring conversation. Things like "American car horns beep in the tone of F." Or "The average person spends 2 years on the phone in their lifetime." Or "Dueling is legal in Paraguay as long as both duelers are blood donors." Consider this my official duel challenge, Cerrato.
Carnegie Mellon - Random Facts

[Image via SEC Live News]

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