Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Midseason DCLS Beltway Awards

It's the All-Star Break, and we at the DCLS would like to hand out the appropriate awards to our beloved miserable baseball teams. Categories considered but ultimately excluded were "Best Team", "Worst Team", and "Top Reason You May Not Want to Kill Yourself". Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2009 Midseason Beltway Awards!

Most Valuable Player: Luke Scott, Orioles

In only 66 games, Scott is sitting at .305/.384/.592 with 18 HR and 51 RBI. He ranks in the top 15 in the AL in slugging percentage (3rd), OPS (4th), and HR (15th). He has been the Orioles most consistent and dominant hitter since he came off the DL in late May. If for no other reason, he deserves this accolade because he is a notoriously streaky hitter who has yet to completely cool off. Until I just jinxed him.

-Honorable Mention: Adam Jones, Orioles; Adam Dunn, Nationals; Brad Bergesen, Orioles

Least Valuable Player: Daniel Cabrera, Nationals

0-5. 5.85 ERA. 16 K. 35 BB. 2.08 WHIP. $2.6 million. General lack of soul. Conned both area baseball teams into believing he was anything more than an awful basketball player stuck in an awful baseball player's awful team's uniform. Follow? Doesn't matter, he's our hands down loser.

-Honorable Mention: Mark Eaton, Orioles; Joel Hanrahan, Nationals

Best Hunting Beard: Joe Beimel, Nationals

Two words: Awesome.

More on that here.

-Dishonorable Mention: Sidney Crosby, Penguins

Best (Almost) Record-Breaking Performance: Ryan Zimmerman, Nationals

His 30-game streak was only the 7th such streak of the past decade, so we applaud his effort to enter baseball lore.

-Honorable Mention: Orioles beat Red Sox, June 30

Best Single Game Performance: Luke Scott, Orioles, July 7

Just a double away from the cycle and with 7 RBI to boot, Scott's performance about a week ago goes down as the Beltway's best of the season.

-Honorable Mention: Brad Bergesen, Orioles, June 9 and July 1; John Lannan, June 6

Unsung Hero: Josh Willingham, Nationals

If only because that photo just has to be included here. No, but seriously, dude's hitting .304/.419/.576. That's a .995 OPS in case you can't add, good enough for 5th in the NL were he to qualify.

-Honorable Mention: George Sherrill, Orioles

Guy Who Needs to Produce in the Second Half: Brian Roberts, Orioles

Any way you choose to look at it, the guy has had an awful year. Perhaps our expectations are unfair of the O's unquestioned team leader and catalyst, but that's what happens when you sign a brand new contract worth over $10 million a year. Do better, Brian, because the lineup ain't as potent without ya.

-Honorable Mention: Matt Wieters, Orioles; The Entire Nationals Bullpen, Nationals

Most Overpaid Player: Dmitri Young, Nationals Potomac Nationals

$5 million for a 35 year old with no place in the future of the franchise to play zero games. That's a bad dollar to game ratio, if you ask me.

-Honorable Mention: Melvin Mora, Orioles; Daniel Cabrera, Nationals

Breakthrough Performance
: Nolan Reimold, Orioles

Although he's cooled down of late, Reimold has himself a comfortable position in AL Rookie of the Year talk. Yes, the AL Rookie class is somewhat lacking in production relative to hype, but Reimold is putting up above average power numbers and looks to be that 3rd outfielder of the future.

-Honorable Mention: Brad Bergesen, Orioles; Jordan Zimmerman, Nationals

Manager of the Year: Dave Trembley, Orioles

Because it's funny.

Honorable Mention
: Manny Acta, Nationals

Because it's funny-er.

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  1. What about the late entry for best single game performance by Adam Jones with the game-winning RBI in the All-Star game?


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