Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shocking, Stunning, Unpredictable Development: Vick-to-'Skins is Rumour Du Jour

The day Mike Vick was connected to dog-fighting was the day he became a Redskin's acquisition target. Let's face it: a tantalizing talent and merchandise mover of Vick's caliber was born to play for Dan Snyder's fantasy football playteam, and few other owners out there are as star horny as DannyBoy, who probably has "there's no such thing as bad publicity" tattooed across his forehead, right underneath his "Vinny's Lips Go Here" tattoo.

Everyone and their mother with internet access and a twitter account is providing beef for the "VICK WILL BE A REDSKIN!! AGAGGAHHHH!" rumor fodder today. Tanner Cooley saw Vick in Ashburn. Mike Fiorio of Pro Football Talk is hearing that a deal is close, sort of. 106.7 The Fan's Redskins' beat reporter Chris Russell saw Vick's rep in Ashburn and is pretty confident it's happening.

Back in May, we provided six reasons why Vick to the 'Skins would be a good idea. If he is bought on the cheap and for a one year deal, we thought it'd be worth giving him a look at wide receiver. But the idea here seems to be to phase him in at quarterback and see if he's ready to compete for the full-time gig starting next season, assuming Campbell isn't the guy. And assuming Campbell isn't the guy has been the front office's M.O. from Day 1 this offseason, so it's easy to see right through Snyderrato's pea-brained plans here.

And if this is in fact the case, to keep him at QB, we cannot endorse this move. He's too far removed from his years as an overrated QB for there to be hope he can develop into a championship one. To take this risk at the expense of your current starter and his budding relationship with your head coach is nothing short of season sabatoge. That's like slowly phasing Ari out of "Entourage" and replacing him with Al Pacino. Pacino's day is done, and you're gonna kill the chemistry between the show's two most compelling characters at this point (Ari and Lloyd). Stupid. If you want to give Pacino a small recurring role though, say, at slot receiver, until he finds his comfort zone and smaller contributing role, that's another story.

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  1. What's the rumor du jour?

    It's the rumor of the day.

    Ah, I'll have that.

  2. This maybe a dumb question, but is there any chance that if no other quarterback, Vick or otherwise, is added to the Redskins roster that Campbell is NOT the quarterback this year?

    Cerrato and Snyder seem pretty convinced that Campbell sucks ass and we do have two other quarterbacks on the team. One who lead us to the playoffs a mere two years ago in Collins and one who seems to get mild recognition as a potential NFL QB in Brennan. It appears that this should be an open competition without adding Vick. It's not as if our back-ups are Gibran Hamdan.

    It seems like there is no need for Campbell to play well. He has had no pressure to play well because he has been told time and time again (until this year) that it was his job to lose. Maybe this year he actually will have incentive and not just because it's a contract year. Give him Vick to worry about stepping in at the midpoint of the season and maybe that War Eagle fuck stops overthrowing his midget receivers. Or equally as importantly, maybe he shits his pants because of the pressure, starts throwing the ball erratically and we know for sure he's not the quarterback we want anyway. But, we don't wait until next year, we throw in Brennan for a few weeks and see how he pans out before possibly plugging in the video game superstar that is Michael Vick.

    On that note. Vick. Simply for playing Madden it's a dream come true. Oh, and despite his god awful career completion percentage, he is a proven winner. 3 times in the Pro Bowl was one thing, but he lead a pretty shitty Falcons team to at least one NFC Championship. But, never before serving 2 years in prison.

  3. I have a problem with the "just how much shit can we pile on our starting QB until he breaks down completely?" strategy. Call me crazy, but it seems like a recipe for failure rather than success. No?

    Instead of supporting the kid and giving him a chance to succeed, people (and the front office and Snyder) are eager to make it as difficult as possible for Campbell. It's a broken, counter-intuitive way to run a sports team.

    Here's a better idea than watching him fail: surround him with an impenetrable offensive line, add another talented receiver, and watch him kick ass.

  4. This is my concern with that. One, we will NOT give him an impenetrable O-line. We did a lot a few years ago to get lineman through free agency but did NOT in anyway use the draft to get young players. No offense to 5th and 6th round draft picks, when you pan out, it's exciting, but not predicted. If it was predicted Jim Molinaro would be a starter. But, with that said, we have tried to put together a decent offensive line through the draft but instead mediocre safeties like LaRon Landry.

    I agree with what you said. I have seen the Looney Tunes where you pile the piano, the dresser, the house, the cow and kitchen sink on top until it is feather that finally does Elmer Fudd or Yosemite Sam in. But, that is not what has been done in DC. Since trading up to grab Campbell in the draft and he won the job, the message has always been, "Hey, the job is yours, no one else can compete unless you get injured." Now, this year we finally have put pressure on the guy, BUT it came out of the blue. I feel like the 'Skins are treating Campbell like he is the dog who shits on the newspaper. You laid it out for him so he wouldn't take a crap on the rug. But, the truth is, you don't want him to shit on the newspaper. That's better than the rug, but fuck, you still need to pick that shit up and toss it outside. No one ever told Campbell that it's cool he's not shitting on the rug (throwing lots of picks), he really should be shitting outside (throwing touchdowns).

    So, yeah, Vick wouldn't be the worst thing ever and is likely not happening. But, the newspaper slap to Campbell's nose might not be the worst thing ever. This could be what it takes to get him to realize that he is 6'5" and his receivers are not. Or one of the 2nd rounders could start grabbing his high throws from up high and pull them into their chests.

    I wish more than 4 people had a chance to read my brilliant Jason Campbell to dog shit analogy. If Kaplan is paying attention, this should be an SAT Verbal question.

  5. I'd like my quarterback to shit in the toilet, thank you.


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