Wednesday, July 1, 2009

GMGM Playing Coy?

"With Washington creeping close to this season's $56.8 million salary cap as a result of Knuble's signing, McPhee said Knuble represented the team's biggest offseason move and that the Capitals were comfortable going into the season with Brooks Laich as the second-line center instead of trading for an established pivot."

What do you take from this? The exact opposite of what it means. GMGM plays his cards real close to the chest. An acquisition would not surprise me. In fact, based on this quote, I almost expect it.


  1. That cap # assumed Morrisson will be back, which all signs point to NO. So really after all the RFAs sign their offer sheets the Caps will have around $2 million in space.

    Heeyoooge move signing Knuble, and perfect.

  2. The should just keep Brooks, to be honest I think the caps are two years away. The need to bring a bunch of there young guys up and give them a year in the big leagues. They will still be good but until the talent has a year to get experience, they wont win a championship.

  3. Couple things. Agreeing with Rover that Knuble is just what the doctor ordered. Rough, seasoned, will end up taking as many shots as Kozzy and scoring twice as much. Despite his confidence in his condition, claiming he "was lucky not to play a lot and get beat up early in his career" is there a chance this is Knuble's first year of his twilight decline? At 37 there is always that possibly, but chances are he performs similarly to the way he has over the last couple years. First line, looking sexy.

    As for Rico's theory that GMGM has a bigger move in store before the beginning of the season, I can't say I agree. With Nylander looking more and more like a $5mil paperweight in 09-10, I think GMGM wants to leave himself that $2mil buffer (assuming Shaone is shown the door) for flexibility at the trade deadline. We all saw the ridiculous impact Kunitz and Guerin made on Pittsburgh's roster, and I think anyone who watched them play before and after would agree that without those two forwards they likely would've limped into the playoffs and been handled easily by half the teams in the east. (Car, Bos, Was)

    If by some miracle we eject Nylander the situation changes quite a bit.. but I don't see any straight FA additions before the start of the season. A trade shuffling forwards.............maybe.

  4. Great points all around, and cap space at the deadline is HUGE.

    Still, don't sleep on GMGM the rest of this offseason. He's got rabbit-out-of-his-hat potential.


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