Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Monthly Forecast: June '09 [Revisited]

Let's see how we did, shall we?

  • The Wizards will not trade the 5th overall pick. Incorrect
  • Ernie Grunfeld and Flip Saunders will draft a point guard. Incorrect
  • Ernie Grunfeld, Steve Van Gundy, and Ron Jeremy will all be indistinguishable. Correct!
  • The Redskins will NOT pursue Brandon Marshall. Correct!
  • The Caps WILL pursue Dany Heatley. Incorrect
  • Matt Wieters will have raised his average to above .300. Incorrect
  • Luke Scott will cool off in classic fashion and drop below .300. Correct!
  • Manny Acta will be unemployed. Obvious. Incorrect
  • Stephen Strasburg will remain unsigned. Correct!
  • Nats fans will panic. Inconclusive
  • Mike Green will deserve to win the Norris Trophy, but won't. Correct!
  • Ovechkin will win the Hart (MVP), Pearson (Player's MVP), and Richard (Goal Scoring), and the world will be restored to order once again. Correct!
June: 6-5-1

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  1. Nats fans take over the world... dat is correct


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