Monday, September 21, 2009

Fast Facts

Did you know...

  • the last time the Redskins won a game without scoring a touchdown was their 2005 season opener against the Chicago Bears? Final Score: Skins 9 - Bears 7.
  • the Redskins advanced to the Divisional Round of the Playoffs that year?
  • the Redskins have only allowed 10 points total in their last 2 home games, dating back to last season?
  • Santana Moss is mired in one of his worst 2-game stretches as a Redskin? He has his least amount of receiving yards (41) since a brutal 2-week span in 2007 that included an extremely costly fumble.
  • before this year, Chris Cooley's best start to a season was in 2008, when he caught 7 passes for 79 yards? Thus far in 2009: 14 catches for 151 yards and a TD.
  • with just the right amount of alcohol, blog-reading, pensiveness, and baseless trash-talking from illiterate Eagles fans, a Redskin fan is capable of convincing himself that his team is headed for doom, or that this year it actually has what it takes to win the Super Bowl? Thank you for joining me at 3 am this morning, people. know...just so you know.

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