Monday, September 21, 2009

DCLS Exclusive Interview with Washington Wizard Nick Young: Part 2 of 3

I apologize for keeping everyone waiting, but here is part 2 of The DCLS exclusive interview with Nick Young, who we will be checking-in with throughout the season. For those of you who missed part 1, the interview has been broken into 3 installments. In this portion, we discussed Nick's thoughts on the upcoming season.

DC Landing Strip: Who is the X-Factor for the Wizards this season? And let’s pretend that the DCLS didn’t already bestow this honor upon you….
Nick Young: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m gonna say I have to be the X-Factor, cuz I think they need me right now. If I’m doing my shine on, everything’s flowin’, we lookin’ good right now, you know, I’m gonna be that little sparkplug, I should be alright........I come with a highlight dunk that get the whole gym going, it should be good you know.

DCLS: I like that, calling Verizon Center “The Gym”, they usually save that for high school and college courts. So after summer league, who do you think the most improved or surprising player on the team is going to be this season?
NY: Probably just Gil coming back 100%. He’s been looking great (this summer). So I think he’d be the most improved and what everybody's been looking for.

DCLS: Does Gil still talk as much smack?
NY: Yeah, he’s still Gil. He got even worse now in the summer. He’s calling me every day and telling me about a move he did on somebody and how they feel and all that, so it sounds like he’s back.

DCLS: What is your prediction for the Wizards this year or what is your goal?
NY: Playoffs you know, its gonna be a big turnaround from last year you know. I see us going deep in the playoffs if not making it to the finals. It depends on how well we jell, if everyone jell together, we gonna be great. In the finals, anything can happen in there….If we jellin’, if we jellin’. If we playing like everybody getting long and no complexes, we gonna be good.

DCLS: Any thoughts on Flip Saunders?
NY: He was out there on summer league with us, so we practiced and all that stuff. He’s lookin’ like a great coach, just working with us and trying to get everybody better. Being in everybody’s mind, same mind, you know, makes a big difference. Every other week he’s texting us, motivating us, there’s a lot of good ones on the playoffs.

DCLS: What is your career highlight? College, pro…..
NY: I’d probably have to say the 33 back-to-back. Also, in college, just making it to the tournament, the whole atmosphere was fun for me. You know, probably getting drafted, getting drafted was like a dream.

DCLS: So what is your career goal?
NY: Just to be remembered really. You know, I just wanna get in there, get my name out there. Small kids be like “I’m doin the Nick Young” you know. Just probably being remembered.

Ed. note: Check back later this week for the conclusive Part 3 of the interview. Locker room hijinks, Nick's preferred nickname, and of course his thoughts on the dunk contest.

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  1. I think Nick's got the offensive ability to provide the same type of spark off the bench that a guy like Leandro Barbosa does for the Suns...yet I still see some playing time as well as defensive issues. If Foye is first off the bench, Gil is (hopefully) playing big minutes, and Mike Miller is hitting from deep, where exactly does NY fit in??

  2. and I actually think, if healthy, that deshawn stevenson will start (although will not get many minutes) so miller and foye will be coming off the bench. NY will probably only average 12-15 mpg this season

  3. I think the arrival of Mike Miller and Randy Foye will actually serve to hurt Nick's development. He is not a 1 and Mike is a better 2 and with Stevenson there are just not that much time left for him to play. He had a golden opportunity to shine last year and did not I however think that Nick has All star potential but you have to have time to show what you can do - I just do not see it now.

  4. I would like to discuss with him how he fits into the rotation as we get closer to the season opener.

    I agree that he is clearly gifted athletically, but is not going to start, and barring an injury will need to at least beat out Stevenson and Foye. Interesting that he points to scoring as his niche, because I think his athleticism and metrics lend themselves to his niche on this being defense.

  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't NY been considered a defensive liability his entire professional career?

    I don't have the metrics, but I know what I see...and he's definitely an offensive (not defensive) talent.


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