Sunday, September 20, 2009

Randy Thomas Out For Season, Will Anyone Notice?

As some of you may have seen, starting RG Randy Thomas tore his triceps (again), and is out for the season. As if this 'win' could get any worse.

At 33 years old and following 3 consecutive injury-plagued years, this looks like the end of his time in DC as a starter, and possibly the end of his time in DC period. Despite being one of the ill-fated "JetSkins", he was a very good player who gave us a couple pro-bowl caliber seasons. He can still play a bit, but relying on a guy who has been so injury prone and isn't cheap just doesn't seem smart, and even beyond the lunacy of Vinny and Danny. From the information I can find on his contract, he is 3 years into a 6-year deal that included a $10 million signing bonus, so the Skins are still on the hook for $5 million over 3 years, which is a pretty light hit if we do cut him.

Will Montgomery stepped-in today and didn't stick-out, which is a good sign. This may also help an ancient O-line get younger, now down to only one old and brittle member. Would I rather still have Thomas playing instead of Montgomery? Of course, but maybe this isn't all bad. Montgomery is a journeyman who has been cut by 2 other teams, but we have been running mostly to the left, so Montgomery may have a relatively easy role. Now if we'd only drafted Michael Oher, Jeff Otah, Sam Baker, Ryan Clady......

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  1. Uh, yes, everyone will notice. This is nothing short of an absolute disaster.

  2. I noticed the clear change in our RG's skin tone, does that count?

  3. If your breaks don't work, does it matter that your windshield wipers don't turn on? I guess it sort of does.

    Any chance the 'Skins try to change Orakpo to the O-Line, now that he has disappeared on the defense?


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