Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Speaking of our Poll.....

Quinton Ganther was officially named the starter for Sunday's game against the Raiders.

As much as everyone loves Rock, he just isn't a very good NFL running back, so this move is welcome for a guy who is putting up great numbers behind a hopeless offensive line. Against the #25 run defense, maybe a breakout game is coming......

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  1. remember a few years ago the Skins matched the Rams big contract offer on Rock?

    thought it was a bad move then

    but Gaither? geesh, talk about scraping the bottom the the RB cesspool

  2. Ganther's been hitting holes hard (that's what she said?) and looks great on his cuts, so I'm real excited to see what he can do with substantial carries against the Raiders.

  3. I agree, Ganther looks good.

    And don't hate on Mr. Redskin.


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