Sunday, December 6, 2009

Week 13: Saints 33, Skins 30 (OT) - Knee Jerk Reactions

For a few hours today, there were positive vibes coming out the wazoo. The team was clicking, points were being scored at an unimaginable rate, and the best team in football looked like they had fallen into a trap.

But, alas, I was the one who fell into the trap. I got emotionally involved when I promised myself I wouldn't. Again. And my Skinnies let me down. Again.

I'm not sure at what point a loss ceases to be encouraging, but I am sure that we're close. The last three games have been particularly hard to stomach - seven points separate us from a 6-6 record right now.

There were three excruciatingly frustrating plays today that stick out in my mind (aside from every significant challenge that the Redskins lost): Shaun Suisham's miss, Kareem Moore's fumble, and Kevin Barnes' muffed punt. It's too painful to talk about each of those in depth so I will defer to the comments section for anyone brave enough to chime in.

Here are some additional thoughts on the game:

  • The secondary's susceptibility to the double move is an old joke - predictable and no longer funny.
  • LaRon Landry had a decent game, aside from the aforementioned long balls. Yet I can't help but hate him when he mugs for the camera after EVERY SINGLE PLAY, positive or not. After he broke a pass up in the endzone, Byron Westbrook looked to give him a high five, but Landry decided waving to the crowd and mugging for the cameras was more appropriate. He left Westbrook hanging. Dude, you ain't that tight. Shut your mouth and play some football.
  • I just purchased a Devin Thomas hype machine. He was everywhere today and absolutely phenomenal returning kicks, covering kicks, and catching balls from JC17. Add a solid game from Fred Davis and your typical mediocrity from Malcolm Kelly and the 2008 Draft class is making Vinny Cerrato almost look competent. Almost.
  • Offensive line was great in pass protection with their first 0-sack game of the year.
  • I'm very intrigued by the Rock Cartwright/Quinton Ganther duo. They've got a jump in their step that I haven't seen in a while.
  • JC17 was excellent today and will continue to be excellent for many years. Too bad it probably won't be with the Redskins.
Raiders next week. They beat the Steelers this week. Ain't no such thing as a cupcake in the NFL.


  1. Teeny mistakes add up to a loss. When ARE caught that ball in the 3rd quarter right down the middle of the field and he was WIDE OPEN...why in the name of fucking fucknuts did he run STRAIGHT INTO THE TACKLER?????? He had daylight between him and the far corner of the end zone, and then he shoulders right into the tackler instead. I don't get it.

    As soon as that happened, I knew we would lose.

  2. -Landry played decently except for 2 plays, unfortunately for him, those 2 plays are enough for his performance to grade out as an F. He is solely responsible for those 2 TDs and cost us the game. The first was was awful, but to even think about biting on a double move leading by a TD on that last drive is beyond terrible. Just an unfathomably bad error that was justifiably punished.
    -Landry discussing the double-move that beat him with Carlos Rogers almost made me laugh in a dark time in my life. "Double-move" is the last person to be giving advice on double-moves.
    -We definitively outplayed the supposed best team in the NFL but every break went their way. The Barnes play, the refs missing Devery Hendersons drop in the 4th quarter, Courtney Roby fumbling directly out of bounds, the Sellers fumble, Suisham's miss, and obviously the INT/fumble. Almost any one of those plays goes our way, and we win, amazing.
    -The freely available talent employed by the Saints and several other teams outperformed Suisham. Just cut the guy, that is unacceptable.
    -Fat Albert brings joy to my life, he is incredible and was sorely missed on the OT drive.
    -O-Sak-Po was great again playing DE, rushing the QB and on running plays. When there was a screen shot of just him and Fat Albert, a little blood rushed to the tip of my penis.
    -Story of the game was our passing game and ability to block the blitz. Amazing what happens when the o-line actually protects JC. Part of it may be our familiarity with their scheme, and the quick passing game is the perfect way to stymie a blitzing team like that.
    -The running game was so-so, but JC shredded that depleted secondary. We only punted once!
    -Not sure whether to particularly dislike Gregg Williams because he hates the Skins, or kind of root for him because he got jobbed by our front office and hates Snyderrato as much as any Skins fan.
    -Don't give me any excuse about NO having injury problems, we are missing Cooley, Portis, Betts, Hall, Samuels, Randy Thomas, Griffin....we were forced to put Phil Daniels at DT at the end of the game when Fat Albert got hurt!
    -Devin Thomas, welcome to the NFL. How about a little more of this every week please.....
    -If Fred Davis keeps playing like this, does that mean Cooley isn't as good as we think? The 2-TE set we could put out with those 2 could be a matchup nightmare.
    -4 turnovers to 1. The metrics say turnovers are directly linked by a team's ability to pressure/sack the QB, and we do an okay job of that, but still stink at getting turnovers and giving our offense a short field. The 1 Saint turnover shouldn't even count, because they scored on that play.
    -Does a good finish save Zorn's job?

  3. "When there was a screen shot of just him and Fat Albert, a little blood rushed to the tip of my penis."



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