Thursday, December 10, 2009

Week 14 Picks: We are Barely Favored to Win!!!

We coulda shoulda woulda beat the Saints, and all we give is 1 point to the Raiders!?! Amazing, and either Vegas/the general public knows something, or the Skins are finally being underrated by the point spread. Maybe we play down the competition, but how can you not like our odds tomorrow? Is the pressure on us to win? This is an unfamiliar feeling.......

The standings (with pushes excluded):
Sports Guy: 4-12 last week, 108-88 overall
FO: 7-9 last week, 92-96
DCLS: 4-12 last week, 90-99 overall

As usual, the FO picks are listed in order of confidence, and I have bolded a team wherever I differ (home teams in CAPS). Please note that differences in total games picked is a result of us using slightly different spreads.
  1. DALLAS -3 over San Diego
  2. Philadelphia +1 over NEW YORK GIANTS
  3. Buffalo -1 over KANSAS CITY
  4. Washington -1 over OAKLAND
  5. Pittsburgh -10 over CLEVELAND
  6. Seattle +6 over HOUSTON
  7. Green Bay -3 over CHICAGO
  8. Denver +7 over INDIANAPOLIS
  9. BALTIMORE -14 over Detroit
  10. Cincinnati +7 over MINNESOTA
  11. ATLANTA +10 over New Orleans
  12. St. Louis +13 over TENNESSEE
  13. New York Jets -3 over TAMPA BAY
  14. Miami +3 over JACKSONVILLE
  15. NEW ENGLAND +14 Carolina
  16. SAN FRANCISCO +3.5 over Arizona

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