Friday, January 15, 2010

So You're Sayin' There's a Chance?

The whole world already knows the news about the artist formerly known as Agent Zero, and Wizards fans, myself included, immediately went from 6 to 9. The more that comes out about Gil, the worse this looks for him, and the better it looks for Wiz fans. Not only has the moron had a prior gun charge, but owns hundreds of guns. Sure, a felony charge doesn't mean anything is determined yet, and Arenas will plead guilty to avoid jail time today, and the Pacers couldn't void Ron Artest's contract after he nearly started a riot, but Gil being guilty of a relatively severe charge keeps hope alive.

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  1. Gilbert in court as we speak.

    If we aren't able to void his contract, I have a feeling we're gonna by him out. The relationship between Gil and the Wiz front office is pretty estranged right now...hard to see him playing another game in that uniform.


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