Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wild Card Weekend Picks

So I'm a little late again thanks to a work schedule leaving me without the interwebz, but better late than never. I actually had my picks finished, but didn't have time to post yesterday.

On to the picks..........FO's 'locks of the week' are 10-13 with 1 'lock' this week, their 'reasonable' picks were 31-40, and their 'stay away' picks were 86-68. Please note that differences in total games picked is a result of us using slightly different spreads. FO is 2-0 after yesterday's games, the Sports Guy is 0-2, and the DCLS is 1-1.

The standings (with pushes excluded):
Sports Guy: 10-6 last week 133-116 overall (53.4%)
FO: 8-7 last week, 127-121 overall (51.2%)
DCLS: 1-0 last week, 112-122 overall (47.9%)

As usual, the FO picks are listed in order of confidence with home teams in CAPS.
  1. Green Bay +3 over ARIZONA - I love the Packers here, and FO has them with a 75% chance of winning straight-up. The Packer strength is their CBs, which is a bad matchup for the Cards, who rely on Fitzgerald and Boldin to carry them. With Boldin out or not close to 100%, this one almost seems too easy.

  2. New York Jets +3 over CINCINNATI - FO liked the Jets straight-up here, with a 56% chance of winning and were indeed right. I still hate the Sanchize.......

  3. DALLAS -4 over Philadelphia - FO had Dallas with a 70% chance of winning, and I'm actually surprised this one wasn't higher up on the list. On the bright side, Philly lost and still sucks. On the other hand, we can't tell Dallas fans that we've had more recent playoff success.

  4. Baltimore +3.5 over NEW ENGLAND - FO has the Pats straight-up, with a 62% chance of winning, but guess who their #1 team is? That's right, the Ravens. I'll take the points, but have no idea what to expect here.

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  1. The Packers were +3 when it opened, and the line shifted to even mid week, then -3 by kickoff thanks to Boldin's injury.


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