Saturday, January 23, 2010

Try to Block This Out

I have been trying to think happy thoughts about Agent Zero's contract, but have been hearing from several sources that it is extremely unlikely the Wiz can get out from the Arenas albatross. Hearsay, I say, but then I read this piece from ESPN's legal writer, Lester Munson. As he states,

"The constitutional provision specifically limits commissioner David Stern's powers over gun violations. He can suspend a player for a "definite or indefinite" period, and he can fine a player as much as $50,000. But that's it. That is the beginning and the end of any punishment for a gun violation. There is no provision for terminating the player's contract."

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  1. The Wizards will never be good. Not because of or in spite of Arenas. They can still be shitty, get lottery picks for a few years in a row and build that way. They are not players in Free Agency (although they should be), so there is no real rush. With or without Arenas, the Wizards can land in the lottery for a good 3 or 4 years more.


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