Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kiper Tabs Bradford as Skins QB of the Future...

...for now, at least.

From Mel Kiper's Mock Draft 1.0 (must be an ESPN Insider to read the full article):

4. Washington Redskins 
Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma
Mike Shanahan and the Redskins can get a quarterback here who might have been the top player taken had he opted to come out last year. The Redskins need to find their franchise quarterback, and when healthy, Bradford is an exceptionally accurate passer with an underrated arm. Shanahan also hit on his last QB selection when he drafted Jay Cutler in Denver.

How do I feel about this? Not great. Not quite sure what Kiper is getting at with that last sentence, either. Since when was Jay Cutler considered anything but a mediocre quarterback? Oh, that's right, last summer when Snyderrato nearly traded for the little douche.

If Shanahan/Allen really want to draft a QB, then I guess I'm okay with that. But please not with the 4th pick, and please not if Russell Okung - or the Offensive Lineman du jour - is available.

A better idea - trade LaRon Landry for a 5th round pick, then trade our 4th overall pick back for LaRon Landry! I jest...


  1. Mel Kiper is in line with most of the mock drafts. He however is not in agreement with the poll, presumably of Redskin fans, in the Washington Post which showed a 75% preference for offensive tackle at the 4th pick and only 18% for quarterback.

  2. Or the DCLS poll which showed about a 95% preference for addressing the Offensive Line in the offseason, compared to about 3% for Quarterback.


    Am I reading too much into this or is very very telling that Gray mentions EVERY player in the secondary BESIDES Laron Landry?

  4. When he praises guys like Kevin Barnes Reed Doughty and Kareem Moore, and omits LaRon Landry, then yea, it is pretty telling. Good find.


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