Saturday, September 12, 2009

DC Takes Collective Swig of Whiskey - ESPN Lists JC as the #25 QB in NFL

Using a system similar to that used by Baseball Prospectus to project player performance by using performance trends by players with similar statistic profiles, Football Outsiders provided ESPN with a piece on career projections for the top-35 current NFL QBs. Bare in mind that this is not based on current ability, so longer-tenured guys who have already massed a career's worth of yards will rank highly, such as Favre, Collins, and Culpepper.

For those of you without an ESPN The Mag Subscription, here is the list in order of projected career passing yards:

1) Peyton Manning

2) Brett Favre

3) Drew Brees

4) Tom Brady

5) Carson Palmer

6) Donovan McNabb

7) Jay Cutler

8) Kerry Collins

9) Philip Rivers

10) Ben Roethlisberger

11) Kurt Warner

12) Matty Ryan

13) Matt Schaubb

14) Eli Manning

15) Matt Hasselbeck

16) Tony Romo

17) David Garrard

18) Aaron Rodgers

19) Joe Flacco

20) Marc Bulger

21) Daunte Culpepper

22) Jake Delhomme

23) Chad Pennington

24) Trent Edwards

25) Jason Campbell

26) Matt Cassel

27) Vince Young

28) Derek Anderson

29) Shaun Hill

30) JaMarcus Russell

31) Michael Vick

32) Kyle Orton

33) Byron Leftwich

34) Matt Leinart

35) Kellen Clemens

The article's blurb for JC says, "Most comps had long careers, but as backups (O'Donnell, Jon Kitna)." This is interesting, as it is in stark contrast to FO's career forecast for JC based on his college stats, and their 2009 take that the rest of the offense made his numbers look bad last year.

All we know for certain about JC right now is that his GF is smokin', and not much else.

(Image of JC's smokin' hot GF courtesy of

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