Tuesday, September 8, 2009

DC's Most Classy Franchise Soon To Be Associated With Television's Douchiest Franchise

Red Rover emerges from his law school slumber to report that at least one castmember of The Real World DC is working for the Caps as an "intern", as part of the show's meager attempts at instilling respectability in its usually vapid and unlikeable castmembers.

If you haven't heard, MTV's hit franchise, The Real World, is currently filming its 574th season in DC. If you're unfamiliar with the show, they usually find a local company looking to garner some publicity in the 14-year-old-non-stop-text-messager demographic by providing "jobs" for the cast. One year they had members of the show make smoothies (Miami?), another year they worked at a surf shop (Hawaii), another year they were party publicists (Vegas). That job actually made sense though, because it trained them well for their post-Real World careers making paid appearances at terrible bars around the country. ("Hey, I saw DARREN from REAL WORLD SANTA CRUZ at LIBATION STATION in POUGHKEEPSIE last weekend, it was soo sweet braaaa!! We're facebook friends now!")

Because the Real Worlders are unequivocal failures when it comes to basic adulthood, in most cases they are given minimal responsibility. In the actual real world, lower case r, lower case w, that's called being unemployable; to MTV and the organizations that "employed" these dinkuses, that's great entertainment and publicity, respectively.

So for a classy organization like the Caps to bring these MTVers into the fold, I can only hope they have their wits about them. If this guy "Ty" is given any more responsibility than to count the leaves on the trees outside Kettler, I'm blaming any season henceforth that does not end in a Stanley Cup victory on Viacom, Inc., and bringing suit, and according to these law books I have to read every night, I just might have a legitimate claim.

[Image via DC Sports Bog]

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