Sunday, October 18, 2009

***Grain of Salt Alert*** Internet Rumor Monger Suggests Cerrato Might be Fired!!!

I'll be the first to admit that Mike Florio of is a bumbling idiot and half of the things he says are complete hogwash. Hence the **GRAIN OF SALT** alert. But this juicy tidbit is too good not to share. Mostly because it's the only Redskins-related news that has made me anything besides murderous for the past, oh, decade or so.

There seems to be a sliiiiiiight sliver of a chance that - get this - Snyder might have had it with his "VP of Football Operations", Vinny Cerrato:

We're hearing that there's a strong belief within the Redskins organization that the fates of coach Jim Zorn and V.P. of football operations Vinny Cerrato are tied together.

So if/when Zorn goes, Cerrato could be dumped, too. (There's a chance Zorn would go after the Eagles game next Monday, and that Cerrato wouldn't be fired until after the season ends.)
If you haven't been following the Redskins, it's crystal clear that Zorn won't make it past this season (or peraps even next week). If this "rumor" is true, and Cerrato later follows Zorn out the door, let the Super Bowl Parade commence!

The only question then becomes, of course, What Does Snyder Do Next? It appears as though Dannyboy can't rip a fart without the "yes-man" approval of his football eyes, Vinny Cerrato. So will he find another ass kissing stooge? Or will he man up and admit that he has no clue what he is doing and hire someone with the courage to say no to the little twit once in a while? As in "no Dan, a wife-beating 30-year-old flash in the pan does not deserve a $250 million cap-crippling 12-year contract. If you want a shiny new toy, here is a nice Tonka truck."


  1. I'm not sure it's possible to emphasize just how much salt needs to be swallowed here.

    (Ha, swallowed.)

    Florio's the guy who picked the Skins to get to the Super Bowl. Let me say this again. Florio's the guy who picked the Skins to get to the Super Bowl. At least I only had them losing to the Giants in the NFC Championship game...

  2. His predictions demonstrate his general stupidity. But he does have sources, and what else, exactly, do we have to hold on to at this point?

  3. ahahahahahahahhahaha

    redskins fans are hilarious.


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