Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nick Young Interview: Groupies and Meeting Women

Here is the 3rd helping of Young Sushi in my All-Star break interview with DCLS 'Wizards correspondant' Nick Young. Part 1 was posted on Sunday, and part 2 on Monday. This installment covers Nick's thoughts on meeting women.

DCLS: How often do you go out during the season? Once a week?
NY: It depends, it depends really.

DCLS: How often do you think the biggest partiers in the league go out, like your idol "Get Buckets' Ricky Davis?
NY: Get Buckets! He probably went out a lot, you know. He got buckets though, so he's doin' something right.

DCLS: So what are the groupies like in the NBA? I know a girl who was basically an NBA groupie, she was like 5'8" or 5'9" and dated some guys in the league for a bit.
NY: For real? Man where's she at? 5'9"?!? You gotta hook me up man, what's up baby?

DCLS: That's the type of girl you need Nick, a girl who can settle down.
NY: Get me one man! You supposed to throw me some lines. If I sign-up for the dunk contest, you gotta throw me some lines.

DCLS: Uhuh, so now all you have to do is sign-up for the dunk contest? But seriously, you are a 6'6" professional basketball player, you shouldn't need any help. You should be helping me, I'm 5'9", no tan......
NY: That's cool though, you can still get 'em. What about the the blog? Don't you just gotta say you can be on my blog?

DCLS: I definitely do not tell any girls about the blog, that will kill my chances. A girl could be at my place and would immediately leave if I mentioned the blog. That would be just as bad as saying I live with my parents. That is why if you get into the dunk contest, I could slip into a bar and say 'oh, there's Nick, I know Nick', and then you could shoot me a text message midway through saying something like 'That was really great what you did for the homeless the other day' and I could show it to all the ladies, that would work.
NY: I got you, I got you, aight.

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  1. I doubt Young Sushi has any trouble meeting ladies in the fresh white blazer.


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