Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nick Young Interview: Talking to Agent Zero, Andray Blatche's Braces, and Wizards Dunk Contest Competition

In lieu of analysis on yesterday's miserable trade, and with the All-Star break upon us, I thought it was high time to check-in with DCLS 'Wizards Correspondent' Nick Young. As before, this interview has been broken into installments, with the other 3 parts being posted later this week. This first installment covers Nick's thoughts on some of his teammates.

DCLS: So your boy Andray Blatche has braces, please tell me you have some great names or a great story about him.
NY: Aww...yeah, yeah...We don't have no particular names, we just talk about 'em. At the beginning, he was a little sensitive about 'em, then he kinda warmed up as we kept going on him, you know, can't get mad at everybody.

DCLS: I mean he wears them on national TV, what's he gonna do? You can't hide those things. Don't they have invisible ones? He didn't even get the invisible ones.
NY: Haha, they probably couldn't get a fit for his teeth.

DCLS: So you really can't give me any good nicknames to put out there for Andray and his braces?
NY: I can't, that's my dog, that's my dog. Can't get mad at him, I can't go all national on the blog.

DCLS: Do you guys talk about Gil in the locker room? What's the feeling about whether he's coming back? Anyone talk to him?
NY: Yeah, I talk to him all the time. Gil was surprised (by the issues stemming from the gun incident), but didn't want to surprise people when the day comes (about a decision to stay with or leave the team).

DCLS: We need a new nickname for your buddy Javale McGee. The one out there now is Epic Vale, and that sucks. The City is way better than Epic Vale, and I'm not a big fan of The City.
NY: I dunno, what can you call him? Javale is a tough name in itself. You (the DCLS) need to come out with somethin' for him, come up with somethin' for him. It's hard to come up with names for a big man though.

DCLS: We'll work on that, but you don't have any good names for Javale?
NY: His username and stuff on like Twitter is like Big Daddy Wookie, but I can't be callin' nobody Big Daddy.

DCLS: Those are 3 words I don't wanna call him, so he's not getting that. Speaking of Javale, he did that Axe commercial, how come he didn't get in the dunk contest?
NY: Just because of the situation he was in, it didn't take off.

DCLS: You should've made a video like that to get yourself into the dunk contest, maybe dunking over Earl Boykins would do it.
NY: Javale was kinda sneaky and did that video behind my back cuz he didn't want me to know as his competition.

DCLS: So what are you gonna do next year to get into the dunk contest? You gotta do something new, because whatever you are doing now is not working. You didn't even sniff the dunk contest. You didn't even get into the dunk-off for the dunk contest.
NY: Man, I didn't even get a look. I dunno, I gotta do something.

DCLS: That's what I'm saying, you and Javale need to put a video together of you 2 doing some crazy dunks.
NY: Man, I don't wanna hate on him and be in competition. I just want a clear path for me to this dunk contest. Actually, I want us both to get in, cuz I think I can beat Javale, I definitely think I can beat him, I'm positive. He can jump, but I don't think he can do no moves.

DCLS: You were a lot more confident about beating him before the season, but don't tell me the 'double pits to chesty' dunk didn't worry you? Did he just do that on his own? There is no way Axe paid him for that; no one is going out and buying Axe deodorant because Javale McGee used it in a dunk.
NY: He just did that on his own! Maybe they'd pay Lebron, Wade, Kobe or somebody else, even Nate Robinson!

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