Monday, February 15, 2010

Nick Young Interview: "Sometimes.....Nobody Likes Me"

Everyone needs their full portion of Young Sushi, so here is the 2nd installment of my All-Star break interview with DCLS 'Wizards correspondant' Nick Young. Part 1 was posted on Sunday, with more to come later this week. This installment covers Nick's thoughts on the Wizards season and what it has been like to be benched and then get back into the rotation.

Why do the Wizards stink this year?
NY: I think it's just a chemistry thing, that's about it. We gotta work on chemistry, (and if we do), it'll flow better

DCLS: So what are your goals now that the Wizards season has gone down thie tubes?
NY: One game at a time, that's what we gotta do. Some games hurt, like the Atlanta game we lost, and Charlotte. Man, if we do it one game at a time, and we get on a roll, if we get it going and we can win some games, we can probably make it cuz the East, you know. It ain't like the West, if we're in the West with this record, we'd be packin' up and getting ready for summertime. But if we get a winning streak going, I think we have a chance.

DCLS: What was it like when you were benched at the beginning of the season?
NY: Aw man, it's hard man, It's been back and forth for me, it's hard. It was crazy. I don't even know what to say, it's been up and down really. Sometimes he (Flip Saunders) likes me, sometimes......nobody likes me....

DCLS: I must say though that you were the happiest bench-warmer I have ever seen on the sideline.
NY: Aw yeah, I can't show it. You know, I can't let everyone see it's getting me down. I gotta keep a good attitude and hopefully we win. And if I'm not playing and we're losin', that's just cold. I don't mean to be complainin', I just gotta role with the punches.

DCLS: You're gonna hate this question, but since you weren't playing for a bit, would you ever consider playing in Europe?
NY: Probably, I dunno, maybe if I just wanted to experiment. But some people just forget about them once they're over there. You don't see nothing, no highlights of 'em. I'm a person that at least needs to see myself a little bit.

DCLS: It's good money though, and you'd sneak onto some European highlights, but they also probably play in like high school gyms.
NY: Yeah, people be smokin' cigarettes at the game and stuff, but it is good money though.

DCLS: So how does it feel getting back into the rotation?
NY: It feels better, it gets better with time. The more I play, the better it feels for me.

DCLS: But you're still getting like 15 minutes one game and then 5 minutes the next.....
NY: Yeah, that's crazy. To me, it depends on if I make a shot or two. I gotta come in with the J.R. Smith mentality.

DCLS: Well I have to let you know that I'm a big stats guy and J.R. is not a very good shooter by True Shooting %, so maybe he's not the best model, but do you know what the metrics say about you? They actually have you as an excellent defender.
NY: I mean I'm better, you see the critics don't know what they're sayin'!

DCLS: Got better? Actually, the metrics from last season, on a scale from 1 to 10, ranked you as a 9. Watching you closely, I have to agree that your biggest asset right now is your defense over your offense.
NY: Thank you, yeah see! I been tellin' Coach that!

DCLS: Yeah right, if I hadn't just told you that, you probably would have told me the biggest thing you need to work on in your game is your defense.
NY: Naw, I need to work on getting my handles back. I been getting used to being a coming off screens and shoot type of player, I need to get some of my handlebars back.

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