Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nick Young Interview: "You See What We Did in the Super Bowl?"

Here is the 4th and final installment of my All-Star break interview with DCLS 'Wizards correspondant' Nick Young. Part 1 was posted on Sunday, part 2 on Monday, and part 3 on Tuesday. This installment covers Nick's thoughts on his USC Trojans and my Georgetown Hoyas.

DCLS: So what did you do for New Years?
NY: Javaris had a birthday party in DC. It was his birthday the same day or before I think.

DCLS: Too bad for you he wasn't a USC guy, maybe you would have had an excuse to party it up in LA.
NY: Naw, naw, naw, he went to Georgia Tech. You can't just be throwin' everyone on the Trojans. You see what we did in the Super Bowl right? Reggie Bush!

DCLS: But USC paid him when he went there, so I don't think you should be associating yourself with him. In the NBA, I know you went, Pruitt went, Taj Gibson, but there's not too many of you....
NY: There's not too many, but we got a couple, OJ (Mayo), and we got DeMar Derozan.

DCLS: The one's who've made it have done alright though. There are some overachievers relative to draft position on that list.
NY: Yeah, it's starting to get out. But this year started messing it up, we've been on probation.

DCLS: Because of your boy OJ Mayo!
NY: Man, I can't go against my Trojans. And we got Tim Floyd back into the NBA now as an assistant coach.

DCLS: How is the feeling in the locker room with the trade deadline approaching and rumors running rampant?
NY: I dunno, man, NBA, I seen a lot in my 3 years. That's just part of the business, a real business.

DCLS: Whatever, you're just rooting for some of your USC guys to get traded for.
NY: Yeah, pick Pruitt back up, we'll get a whole USC lineup.

DCLS: So I'm a Georgetown dan, and they just whipped Duke.
NY: Yeah, Georgetown's been doing pretty good I heard. These days, they make the arena look like a really known place when they play there. They got a freshman from LA, don't they?

DCLS: Yeah, Hollis Thompson. He's a really skinny shooting guard.
NY: Yeah, a real skinny shooting guard, I was working out with him this summer. I was supposed to come to a game to see him play.

DCLS: The Hoyas play Syracuse on Thursday, you should go and take some notes from a team that's actually good.
NY: I might come check 'em out. So I'm at home right now, next practice is not 'till Tuesday. I'm on vacation, I have to get away, I have to get rejuvenated.......comeback, I gotta get the mind right and get me in the dunk contest. Get my mind right, come back, and I'll be rejuvenated.

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