Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wilbon Blows My Mind Yet Again

Michael Wilbon is an idiot.

In his recent column for WaPo's "World Wide Wilbon", he goes above and beyond what I consider ignorant and irresponsible journalism. I say stupid things from time to time, but I'm just a guy blogging for fun. I don't get paid. Wilbon gets paid. To constantly say things devoid of logic and fact:

One of the biggest Olympic winners has to be Canada's Sidney Crosby, who at 22 years old has already won Olympic Gold, the World Championship and the Stanley Cup.

Sidney Crosby has never won a World Championship. Never. Last time he participated, Canada was shut out 5-0 by Finald in the bronze medal game. Canada did win the World Championship in 2007, but without Crosby. Oh, and by the way, Ovechkin won a World Championship with Russia in 2008. Excellent reasearch, Wilbon. I'm glad you're too busy to spend 46 seconds on the internet like the rest of the truth-seeking world.

These graphics from Wikipedia, albeit not the most reliable source but in this case 100% accurate, would have been tremendously helpful. Ovechkin's and Crosby's International histories:


Right now, Ovechkin would need a telescope to see Crosby, who's that far ahead in this race.

Crosby won a cup his third trip to the playoffs. Ovechkin will presumably participate in his third postseason this spring. Crosby has an MVP trophy. Ovechkin has two. Crosby has a World Junior Championship. Guess what? So does Ovechkin. Because Wilbon doesn't really follow hockey and instead dabbles when tempted to rile up the Caps' fanbase for no particular reason, he couldn't possibly have understood that the Penguins' rebuilding process essentially began one year earlier than the Caps'. And why would he? It's not like we're talking about the NBA, so who cares?!

Another priceless quote, this time regarding Ovechkin's semi-altercation with a fan holding a camera:

Somehow, Ovechkin's lapses in judgment (or was it a disregard of civility?) went largely unnoticed. Ovechkin is damn lucky he's not black and playing basketball; my brethren in the national (and local) media would have put on their Sunday church robes and preached him to death by now. We'd have read about "those thug basketball players" and such. Ovechkin, apparently, is for whatever reasons, beyond their reach. He's untouchable. All these folks writing and talking about the Winter Olympics and I haven't seen a word of criticism directed at Ovechkin, famous as he is.

I just...can't...no words. None. Links to contradict his assertion that Ovechkin is "untouchable"? Sure, here are just a few: THN, Puck Daddy, Deadspin...But Wilbon, perhaps the reason Ovechkin isn't being crucified (in your eyes, at least) is because nobody really knows the truth behind the camera incident. It's all speculation.

Unless, of course, google translations of youtube videos in which Ovechkin is described as a "100-pound hockey player" are considered fact. Then I profusely apologize for discrediting your opinion.

The Bog already touched on this in depth, and a lot that is said here is somewhat repetitive. I just had to get my two cents now so I can mentally prepare for Wilbon's next truly groundbreaking story.


  1. Amen... but such is a day in the life of a true hockey fan.

    Major media outlets (in the States, at least) cover hockey in the way we used to write papers in college. Fuck off for 3 weeks, then scrap together some information from the internet and friends, proceed to twist and cram your gathered bits of fact (in this case, not so much) it into a contrived thesis and hope you get at least a C-.

    Now that Wilbon has filled his quota of hockey articles for the month, he gets to go back to the keg party of life, waddling around summarizing sports for idiots and passersby.

  2. wilbon is the man.....you are a dumbass who's nit picking....he meant crosby won the world jr.s you retard!

  3. wilbon is totally awesome. you chump.

  4. The woman in the picture with Wilbon is a porn actress!

  5. Wow I sure wish I had enough time in my day to nit pick over something so fucking stupid and minor. Then I would turn around, write up a column about it and make myself look like a complete moron.

    Well done, idiot stick.

  6. The only idiot sticks in this equation are the ones who have enough time to anonymously nit pick a stupid and minor blog post that is seven months old.

  7. nope, red rover, i have to say this is a stupid blog post.

  8. Came across this random. Get off Ovechkin's d*ck. Crosby already won a Stanley Cup AND a gold medal... Argument over. You are the idiot, not Wilbon.


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