Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Alex Ovechkin's Life is Better Than Yours

I had seen the first picture, but not the other two of Alex Ovechkin partying on a yacht in Turkey this summer until today. I must say that these types of pictures used to make me much happier, reveling in the fact that our Russian superstars could party and still dominate the league. Now that we, ummm...yeah, I can't help but think that Sidney Crosby is living in his boss's basement, shooting pucks into a washing machine and Ovie and co. should be doing power skating or defense 101. Ohhhh, wait, that's right, Crosby choked even worse than Ovie in the playoffs. So that means while Ovie is living it up, Crosby is just living in a basement, awesome.

No comment needed

Looks like she won the kissing Ovie competition

The art of seduction? Crosby, take note

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  1. Actually, sadly, Crosby moved out of 66's basement.

    He's still a little bitch, though.

  2. They should rename the Pulitzer Prize for photography after the guy who took that first picture.

  3. yeah i bet ovie's life outside of hockey is better, but who has a cup and who doesn't. yeah who's life is better now. tell ovie to go back to russia

  4. Two words: Douche Bag


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