Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Robbery is in Progress! Pirates Stealing our Orioles Cavalry Nickame

When I nicknamed the bevy of Oriole pitching prospects in the minors "The Cavalry", over a year ago, little did I know I would that it would become so internationally popular. Okay, well not exactly popular with Oriole fans or about the Orioles per se, but now the Pittsburgh Pirates radio network has decided to steal the nickname for the "slew" of prospects they are graduating to the majors (I am pretty sure the guy on the right is the culprit). Not only do I already hate Pittsburgh, but we came up with this one year ago!

We have been tracking The Cavalry's progress here and here, as well as referenced the nickname many times. This is not the first time a nickname of ours has been stolen, see the battle for "Baseball Jesus" which has now been decided by Matt Wieters becoming "Blue Balls" and Stephen Strasburg confirming that he is the Messiah. Now the Pirates radio network is getting publicity on an (insider) article by Kevin Goldstein. That coulda been us?!? Well, maybe not.....

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