Tuesday, June 2, 2009

O's 1, M's 0: All You Need is One

All you need is one.

-"Cock Pushups," Tenacious D

Rich Hill tossed a beauty, the bullpen didn't fuck it up, and that was all the O's needed to earn their 8th W in eleven games. They're now 6-6 in one-run games, and good on them for pulling out a close one on their 14th game in as many nights.

O's Prez Andy MacPhail must be psyched - he almost traded Brian Roberts for Hill and 1st round bust Felix Pie last season - and was saved by the Cubs' overconfidence in the pair. But that crafty crafterson managed to snag them both this offseason anyways and Hill looked like Barry Zito (circa 2002) with that crazy rainbow lefty curveball thingy.

But we can't give MacPhail too much credit because the new catcher, if you've heard, is pretty awesome at everything. O's pitchers are now 2-1 with a 2.00 ERA, 23 Ks and just 4 BBs with Wieters behind the plate. He is a dream pitching target at 6' 5" and his ice cold demeanor is contagious. Buck Martinez noted last night, and it's worth repeating, that he has a knack for understanding a pitcher's pace and rhythm, doesn't waste time calling pitches, and the result is a pitcher finding his groove. It's a pleasure to watch.

And though he had another 0'fer night at the plate, according to the law of averages he is due to go 47 of his next 55 with 19 HR and 400 RBI. That would probably break some kind of record.

Tonight: Adam Jones gets to homer off trade counter-piece and former O's ace Erik Bedard.

[AP Photo via ESPN.com]


  1. On Wieters, he knows exactly what pitch to call at what time, which is remarkable for a guy who was just called up. The 3rd inning on, where the Mariners had zero baserunners, was as much a testament to the game Wieters called as it was to Hill/Johnson/Sherrill.

    At the plate I'd like to see more patience out of him. He's been hacking lately, although in any other ballpark his 400 foot line drive to right center would have been gone. He's pressing a little at the plate, and I wonder if the pressure of expectations is actually getting to him?

  2. Really the game he called? I think its time to call a spade a spade and admit that Wieters is a colossal disappointment. 5 k's in 15 PA's with no walks? You've got to be kidding me.

  3. A colossal disappointment? After four career games?

  4. 4 games and 15 PA's, yes. It was a joke.

  5. this Rico guy is really dense


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