Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jason La Canfora Leaves 'Skins Beat - Empty Hate Vacuum Remains

For those devout Redskins followers who refresh Redskins Insider every 30 seconds during football season, you've by now become acquainted with the voice of "The Sourcerer," Jason La Canfora. His epic anti-Cerrato screeds are must reads, and if you haven't yet you'd damn well better read this one. Or better yet, just read any in-season post from 2008 in which he destroys the 'Skins' front office for ignoring the O-line. I for one enjoyed every word.*

But that's all over now, as La Canfora has followed the cashola and accepted a position with NFL Network. Which is great for him, his family and his wardrobe. Though it leaves a gaping void of incendiary hatred at the Washington Post that needs to be filled post-haste. Problem is, I'm not sure there's anyone capable.

Jason Reid, co-beat writer during the '08 season, is the logical successor to "The Insider" position and JLC endorses him in his farewell post. But is he too much of a nice guy? Amongst a media horde more inclined to worship than question, La Canfora stood out because he challenged Gibbs and the front office when no one else would. He's the kind of guy who didn't care if he looked like a slob - he just wanted the damn story. That's who I want covering my teams. Not so sure Reid can be that guy.

Barry Svrluga and Zach Berman have done a nice but bland job covering OTAs, and Cindy Boren is the editor/voice of reason. Steinberg is always money at the Sports Bog, though. Maybe that will do.

As training camp approaches and players try to claw their way up the depth chart, a similar fight might be taking place at Redskins Insider. Whose voice will emerge? What will Vinny do to piss off the beat writers and fans next? Could the potential acquisition of an ex-convict be in the works? Will Snyder scratch his itch, buy the Post, and fire everyone? What are horse shoes? Are there any horse socks? Is anyone listening to me?

*(For a complete rundown of the epic 2008 La Canfora - Cerrato catfight, acquaint yourself with Chase's take at The Player Hater's Ball. You won't regret it.)

[La Canfora image via WaPo]

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  1. old news, Sports Bog had this covered weeks ago. He even twittered it. Please work harder to stay up on the DC sports scene. I miss the old DCLS.


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