Thursday, May 28, 2009

Love for the Nats Part II

[Image via Federal Baseball]

Daniel Cabrera: 40 IP, 26 ER, .291 OBA, 48 H!!!, 16 K, 35 BB

Who the fuck built Nationals Stadium anyway the creators of Roller Coaster Tycoon?


  1. Nats Rule
    O's Drooooooooool

    but seriously, they both suck

  2. Nat's farm system has been improving of late. True, the Nationals lack a superstar in the making (it hurts me to call Weiters a superstar but it sure sounds like hes on his way), but look at our current rotation. 3 starters in Detwiler, Zimm Hound and Stammen all show signs of Major League Potential (the first two should be cornerstones of the rotation for years to come). Not bad, especially all were called up quite recently. Add Strasburg and holy have a decent rotation with Lannan in the mix a few years down the road. Who knows...maybe Aaron Crow could come around were he to be selected with the 10th overall conditional pick. He is my facebook friend and thus is the man. His girlfriend, however, looks as if she should be dating someone like Evgeni Malkin. Fucking Shrek.

    But as is the par of the course, the Nationals can't for the life of them put both parts of the game together. It seems like when we hit well, we pitch shitty and vice-versa. Likewise, the farm system seems to be stockpiling on talented pitching but is leaving our lineup out to dry. Maybe...MAYBE this kid Marrero will pan out (great hitter with Cal Ripken size...but o shit, his fielding makes Dunn look like a gold glover). And truth be told, there is no one worth really getting excited about past him. Im not even sure if Milledge is still alive. If he is, hes a shoe-in for the cape-cod allstar league!!!

    Regardless, the prospect for National's future success is stronger than Angelos's O's. Its true.

    Strasburg is Matt Weiters 2.0

  3. "Regardless, the prospect for National's future success is stronger than Angelos's O's. Its true."

    A very valid point considering the disparity between AL East and NL East.


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