Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thoughts on Matt Wieters Call-Up

The cherry blossoms trees populating our fair Potomac waterfront each Spring, like a 40-something mother-of-three’s resolution to stave off Pringles and Chunky Monkey come January First, make the long-suffering District faithful über-confident one or two personnel additions, be it free-agent, heralded draft selection, or legendary coach, rectifies our dismal recent history. Yeah, Soccer Mom, and two-weeks at Fitness First makes love handles disappear and moustache bleach can make your unsightly facial features miraculously Bündchen-esque. This being the town, lest you forget, where we believed the Kwame Brown hype over a litany of excellent future pros, refused to storm the White House when the Skins employed, nay, started, Danny Wuerffel, and still came close to selling-out opening day at Camden Yards for a team whose number three through five starting pitcher roster featured Alfredo Simon, Mark Hendrickson, and Adam Eaton.

Allow me to pause to share, quite possibly, the world’s greatest cartoon known to mankind.

All being said, I don’t know what to think of Matt Wieters joining the Orioles this coming Friday. Suffice to say he can’t possibly be any worse than the ZAUN/Moeller combination (my apologies Rico). For starters, where does Trembley insert him in the batting order? The kid’s hitting at the three spot in Norfolk, but how can you rationalize breaking-up the ‘Balticore’ for a heralded but unproven call-up? Is this kid a future lightning-rod like Dustin Pedroia and Nick Markakis, or a possible flame-out like Jeff Francouer and Robinson Cano? For the life of me I don’t know where the smart-money lies with this one…one thing I do know is that my absence from the game on Friday hosting the Tigers bodes well for the kid’s future…


  1. 1 B-Rob
    2 Jones
    3 Markickass
    4 Huff
    5 Wieters
    6 Mora
    7 Wigginton
    8 Reimold
    9 Izturis

  2. First, you came up with the abbreviation 'mps' (meatballs per sandwich), and now, you've written a very funny blog entry. Kudos.

    I demand more from Plotty and less from Rico.

  3. I'd put Wieters at the 4 spot against lefty pitchers because he hits from both sides of the plate. I'd also permanently move Reimold up and Mora and Wigginton down. I'd also swap Markakis and Jones.

    1 Roberts
    2 Markakis
    3 Jones
    4 Wieters (LHP)/Huff (RHP)
    5 Huff (LHP)/Wieters (RHP)
    6 Reimold
    7 Mora
    8 Wigginton
    9 Izturis

    Doubt Trembley does anything like this though...


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