Monday, May 25, 2009

ZAUN Wins One for Baltimore: O's 4, Jays 1

In legendary fashion, Gregg ZAUN hit a tie-breaking game-winning RBI single in the 4th inning on Sunday, sending 800 Orioles' fans home happy on a rainy Memorial Day.

ZAUN reached base 3 times in all against his former team, inducing a walk and getting hit by a pitch to go along with his clutch 4th-ininning single. In the process, he managed to raise his BA from .210 to .215, putting what some might call a stranglehold on the starting catcher position. Sorry, Chad Moeller.

ZAUN declined to comment for this post, but made me promise to plug his website. Reminder to pump up the volume.

Additional thoughts on the game:

  • The Jeremy Guthrie we've embraced as our "ace by default" for the last couple years finally showed up. It was only his 3rd Quality Start of the year. He had 19 last year. It'd be nice if he put together a few more of those, no?
  • George Sherrill hasn't let up a run in 9 consecutive appearances. Don't worry, though - the trade deadline is two months away. Ample time for him to tank and decrease his value.
  • Melvin Mora is a very mediocre defensive third baseman. He is also a very mediocre offensive third baseman. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2009 Baltimore Orioles!
  • You get the feeling Markakis and Jones are cooling off a little. If I were Dave Trembley I'd swap their places in the lineup and see what it does for them. Markakis was great in the 2 spot last year, and Jones' gap power could pay huge dividends hitting behind him and Roberts.
  • ZAUN.

Next up: Toronto (Romero) @ Baltimore (Undecided), 5/26, 7:05 PM

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