Saturday, May 30, 2009

ZAUN Replacement Screws Up Royally in Debut

Hitless in four at-bats? I guess even Baseball Jesus has his off days.

But before everyone hops on the "Trade ZAUN, and then trade Wieters for ZAUN" bandwagon, being built by inbred retards in a galaxy far far away, put his debut in perspective:

If your off day consisted of getting a standing ovation before your first at-bat, calling a great game on your own because the manager doesn't call pitches from the dugout, single-handedly attracting 15,000 extra fans to watch your team's baseball game, winning said baseball game, all the while looking like a serious stud, would you (or your fans for that matter) have anything to complain about?

I think not.

Although it'd be nice if he hit for at least one cycle tonight.

[Image via the Baltimore Sun]


  1. ELijah Dukes didnt go hitless in his debut. In fact he even hit his wife. No Nats love

  2. we all know jesus will be fine. what I want to know is whether Nylander's pre-recession wall street size salary will singlehandedly cripple the caps ability to fill the gaps for the 09-10 season. the landing strip needs to address this.


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