Thursday, May 28, 2009

When Not Dominating NHL, Ovechkin Spends Summers Dominating Gameshows, Babes

It's been nearly 100 hours since the inception of the Landing Strip, and we have yet to mention Alex Ovechkin.

Forgive me Red Jesus, for I have sinned.

The king of DC sports and one-time speed-limit liberator will no doubt bring us many championship parades in the coming decade, hopefully right down Constitution Avenue followed by a sharp turn down 7th Street and possibly with a detour by the White House if there's time, not sure if there will be enough time. But that's a discussion for another day.

Because summertime is nearly upon us, and the Great Eight has returned to Moscow for hot-babe gallavanting, vodka chugging, hard-core clubbing and, of course, game show dominating.

Apparently Crosby came in second in the show's "speed-dressing," contest, though he cleaned up in "sack-whacking."

Speaking of Crosby being second, you think he could ever pull tail like this? Or how about this? Maybe this? I mean he lives in Lemieux's basement for goodness sake. Enjoy losing to the Wings in 6 again. Ovie wins at life.

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  1. BLOG NEEDS MORE OVI. But I guess that's obvious... who doesn't need more ovi?


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